DL Designs

DL leaflets are by far the best lead generation tool we use. Most of our agents complete at least one mail out per Month to ensure a steady supply of leads. Click the button below to download our latest DL designs ready for print and distribution.

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Lead follow up plan 

WhatsMyPlaceWorth.com.au is designed to be a “top of funnel” lead generation service. That is, we help provide leads in your area who may be thinking of selling either in the near or distant future. You must treat these leads like any other lead and nurture them over time to build trust and a relationship or you are unlikely to win the listing. This is critical for converting leads to listings and for the success of your business. The best part of our service is that you are likely to be the first agent to know the lead is thinking about selling. Why else would they be interested in a house price report!

So how do you nurture a lead effectively? The key aspects to consider are; add value and have multiple touch points. Below is a suggested approach which we have found to be effective in maximising your conversion rate:

Letterbox drop company directory

Below you will find an up to date list of leaflet dropping companies to help you distribute your QR code flyers. Our QR flyers have a very high success rate so the more you drop the more leads you will get. To order additional QR flyers send us an email at info@whatsmyplaceworth.com.au

Brisbane Tim Tolhoek 0499 175 840
Iris Brooks (07) 3889 9978 https://irisbrooksleaflets.com.au/
Vedaant Kapoor 0416 862 342
Katia 0401 689 542 http://www.leafletdelivery.com.au/
Letterbox Delivery (07) 3133 4913 http://www.flyerdistributionbrisbane.com.au/
Letterbox Distributers 1800 538 837 https://www.letterboxdistributors.com.au/
Agent Mail (07) 3889 4441 https://agentmail.com.au/letter-box-drops/
leaflet distribution brisbane (07) 3133 4913 https://www.leafletdistributionbrisbane.com.au/
Leaflet Distribution Brisbane www.leafletdistributionbrisbane.com.au
Expose yourself letterbox distribution 0406 665 709 https://www.exposeyourself.info/
Rotondo PTY Ltd (07) 3261 2111 https://rotondos.com.au/
Australian Printing & Flyer Distribution 1300 940 027 https://apfd.com.au/distribution-brisbane/
AdPromos 1300 834 843 https://adpromos.info/
Motivated Mums Leaflet Delivery 0417 881 971 https://www.motivatedmums.com.au/
Bay Islands Leaflet Distribution 0412 060 764
Locals’R’us 0403 189 625 https://localsrus.com.au/
Ipswich Ipswich Letterbox Distribution 0488 218 119
4 Ipswich Letterbox Distribution Services 0488 218 119 http://www.4ip.com.au/
Xad Letterbox Distribution Services 0428 996 548
Gold Coast Aussie Advertising Agency 0435 501 041 https://goldcoastprintprinterprinting.com.au/letterbox-drop-gold-coast/
the pamphlet man 1800 338 412 http://www.thepamphletman.com.au/
adbprint 07 5502 3190 https://adbprint.com.au/leaflet-distribution/
GC Leaflet Distributers (07) 5531 2533 https://goldcoastleaflets.com.au/
Motivated Mums Leaflet Delivery 0417 881 971 https://www.motivatedmums.com.au/