Quality leads straight
to your phone.

Quality leads straight
to your phone.

How Does
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Find out who’s thinking of selling before your competition, be seen as the preferred local agent and get leads straight to your phone. Watch the video to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost?2023-06-27T22:01:34+00:00

Each suburb costs $99 per month to own, once you own it no other agent can buy it and all leads go to you and only you. There’s no lock in contracts So you can cancel anytime. Just one sale per year is easily enough to return your investment hundreds of times over which is why agents rarely cancel their subscription. We expect you to convert many more than one sale per year making our service great value for money.

How many leads can I expect to receive?2022-12-14T03:55:21+00:00

There are many variables which affect the number of leads received including location, time of year, online activity, leaflet delivery accuracy, owner demographic and market conditions. Our data shows that 1 in 3 leads will sell their property within 6 Months of requesting a property report so you will not be short of opportunities.

Can I subscribe to more than one Suburb?2022-12-14T03:56:01+00:00

Hey big spender, yes you can. Discounts are available if you subscribe to more than 3 Suburbs. For more information contact us at info@whatsmyplaceworth.com.au.

Am I locked into a contract?2022-12-14T03:54:10+00:00

Absolutely not, we do not believe in lock in contracts. If you are unhappy with our service you may cancel your Subscription at any time and let us know why so we can improve the service. We are confident that you will retain your Subscription based on the leads and valuable data you receive.

Where do the leads come from?2023-06-27T22:01:53+00:00

Our leads come from multiple sources however we find the most effective by far is letterbox drops. We regularly send new DL designs to our agents to be printed and distributed in their areas as we find this represents best value for money. Our marketing collateral is regularly updated to remain relevant and ensure the maximum number of quality leads.

What’s the best way to follow up my leads?2022-12-14T03:56:42+00:00

Our sales & marketing experts have created a detailed follow up plan including custom scripts and dialogues designed to maximise your conversion rate. This information is available in the agent dashboard once you have subscribed to your Suburb(s).

How many agents can subscribe to a Suburb?2022-12-14T03:54:38+00:00

Only one agent is permitted to subscribe to each Suburb. Once subscribed, all report request leads in your Suburb will be sent exclusively to you, leaving your competitors in the dust!

I don’t use a flyer dropper, who can deliver the flyers for me?2022-12-14T03:57:13+00:00

Once you Subscribe to a suburb you will be given access to the agent portal. Within the agent portal is a list of flyer droppers who can deliver flyers for an additional charge. These are third party companies with a proven track record.

How do I know the lead data is correct?2022-12-14T03:57:33+00:00

When a home owner requests a property report they must enter their name and mobile number. The report is sent via sms so they must enter the correct number to obtain their report. This limits the number of false numbers given.

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